The Types Of Tinnitus – Tinnitus Types

If you are starting to hear ringing in your ears, buzzing, roaring, whistling, hissing or beeping sounds as well as symptoms such as dizziness, ear pain, fullness in the ear and headache, then you may be experiencing a condition called tinnitus. When it comes to the types of tinnitus, there are two of them only. Understanding the types of tinnitus is advantageous not only for those who are experiencing it but also to those who are not. Knowing the types of tinnitus will help you determine what you have or what type of tinnitus you are experiencing. You would also be more concerned about your auditory health and would make you follow the advice of the doctor easily.


What are the types of tinnitus?

As mentioned, there are only two types of tinnitus; the subjective and the objective tinnitus. These two types are the same when it comes to the symptoms you will be feeling. They both experience ringing in the ear even without external factors.

However, the types of tinnitus also have their differences. The subjective tinnitus also experience buzzing inside the ear, but this sound can only be heard by the subject or the one experiencing tinnitus. It cannot be heard by other people. On the other hand, objective tinnitus, which also experiences ringing inside the ear, is different because the sound can be heard by other people such as the doctor.

Another difference between the types of tinnitus is their causes. While tinnitus may have general causes, usually, subjective and objective tinnituses are linked with different causes. Subjective tinnitus is said to be mostly and commonly caused by factors such as being exposed to loud sounds for long periods, reactions to medications, injuries to the head or the ear, emotional and social causes such as depression, anger, anxiety, and insomnia.


On the other hand, objective tinnitus is said to be caused by rare factors, but more serious factors such as abnormalities in the ear muscles or blood vessel near the ear, ear tumors, as well as other diseases like high blood pressure, hypothyroidism as well as linked to other diseases.


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